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Sunday, 4 February 2018

Forever in Blue Jeans with Simply Be*

If there is one item of clothing that I struggle with it has to be jeans, and it would seem from talking to those around me that I am not alone in this! Finding good jeans is like finding the holy grail of clothing, so I was keen to try some pairs from Simply Be to see how they fit- so lets find out!

First up I decided to try their Lucy high waisted skinny jeans as I had never tried their own brand before. I love high waisted jeans as I am naturally high waisted so I tend to find this a much more comfortable fit for my shape.

These jeans tick all the boxes for me, dark coloured denim, high waisted, and stretchy which means I can sit down without them cutting me in half! I tried these out for my dress down Friday which meant a whole day of wear including public transport, walking and lots of sitting at my desk and they held up really well. They didn't lose their shape and go baggy as the day wore on and I didn't feel the need to keep tugging them up! They come in a variety of leg lengths and I am wearing the short fitting which means they don't bunch up around my ankles. I am wearing a size 18 and the fit is good, I could maybe have gotten away with a size smaller but I fear it may have been a bit of squeeze around my tummy. (The curse of having smaller legs but a bigger tummy means I always struggle with the fit).

Next up are the jeans that I was really excited to try- Levis 310 Super Skinny! I haven't worn Levis since I was about 18 and I lived in my trusty 501's, I have to be honest and say I didn't even realise that you could get Levis in plus sizes but I am very happy that you can!!

These jeans are a slightly lower rise which took a bit of getting used to as I kept wanting to pull them up and then nearly gave myself a wedgie!!! I took them for a spin around Birmingham and again they stood up really well, they didn't lose their shape and go baggy. As with the Lucy jeans these are a size 18 short fitting and my only gripe is that the ankle isn't as tight as I would like it to be but to get round this I can roll them up to make them ankle grazers. I maybe should have gone with the longer leg length and again I could have maybe sized down to the 16 but I may have found them too tight around my waist. The best part of these jeans is the booty! I love how they lift my bum and give it more definition and shape!!

So the overall verdict is that both pairs come really really close to being the ultimate jeans, I just think that due to my shape (which has changed and I am still figuring out what fits) I may never get a fit that is 💯 but these come very close and will be a staple of my wardrobe!

*Denotes item gifted for review-all opinions are my own
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