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Thursday, 4 May 2017

31 Outfits of May Day Four

Hello and welcome to day four of 31 Outfits of May and of course today is May 4th which means it's Star Wars Day- yay!!!!

So since I don't own any clothing with Star Wars on I had to improvise!!

I know I know there are no unicorns in Star Wars but it is set in space and this dress has planets and constellations on it- a tenuous link I know but I quite honestly I never need an excuse to wear this dress!

I was going to save it until later in the month but I decided to bring it out early as I love wearing it! Be warned the skirt is quite lightweight so a good gust of wind and the world is going to see your knickers!!

I had wanted this dress for ages but hung on and hung until it was reduced and then grabbed one and although I admit I do feel like I am going to a children's birthday party when I wear it, this is the type of dress that can never fail to make you smile!!

Outfit Details
Dress Lindybop


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