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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Hello I'm Back

Hello........ Did you miss me? Well I'm back from my blogging break a little bit earlier than I originally intended but the urge to return was too strong!

So how have you all been whilst I have been away? I hope life has been treating you well as we head into the winter months and start hurtling towards Christmas!!

The break was much needed as I could feel myself spiraling downwards and it made a nice change to just go about my day without thinking about Instagram, or capturing photos of what I was wearing! That being said I still shared stuff on my social media but it did feel odd at first to buy new clothes and not blog them! As bloggers we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to always be wearing something blog or instagram worthy and if I'm truly honest I have enjoyed wearing casual thrown on outfits that just felt comfortable.

There have been moments over the last few months where I doubted that I would ever return to blogging as I didn't miss it and I started to read less and less blogs but in the last week or so I have actually started to miss it and which made me realise it was time to come back.

What I have realised is that I need to blog for me, and not be concerned about stats, figures and all that jazz as it just grinds me down, I want this space to go back to what it was when I started and that is somewhere to share my outfits, general ramblings and just be a creative outlet. (Believe me this is as creative as I get!!).

I spent some of my time away trying my hand at YouTube again and had a go at Vlogtober which was great fun but trying to vlog everyday is tough and I have a great deal of respect for the YouTubers who do this as it isn't easy. I do plan on tackling Vlogmas well that is if my video camera and SD Card don't play silly buggers like they did last weekend and lose all my footage :(

On a side note I was very disappointed to see the Plus Size Awards being cancelled at the last minute as this has left so many people angry (quite rightfully so) and out of pocket but what it did show was how as a community everyone came together to try and salvage the weekend for those who had traveled and were already in London, and there are new awards from This Is Plus and Style XL being organised which is brilliant. I hope that everyone who has lost out eventually gets some sort of compensation and I shall be interested to see what the eventual explanation for it all is, although waiting a week to publish a statement is very odd (or more like buying time).

Anyway excuse my ramblings because as I type this I am recovering from a stinker of a cold and my head is like cotton wool!

In case you have missed my face have a quick selfie to remind yourselves what I look like!!

Just before I sign off I do want to say a huge thank you to all the lovely comments I received on the last post I made before I took my break and also the comments that were left across my social media platforms, it was lovely to receive so many messages of support and just general loveliness and I am very lucky to know some awesome people!

See you all soon!!


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