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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Birmingham MCM Comic Con 2016

Last weekend we were lucky enough to be able to attend MCM Comic Con over at the NEC in birmingham and I was beyond excited! I have never had the chance to go before but I had an idea of what to expect after watching lots of YouTube videos of other Comic Cons.

It was an early start as we made our way to Hampton in Arden Train Station to grab a train to the NEC (much cheaper and easier than driving and paying to park on site) and once you arrive at the train station it all connects to the NEC.

As we had priority tickets it meant we could gain entry two hours early so we got booked in had our arms stamped and then headed off for a Weatherspoons breakfast for some fuel for the day!

What I also loved was that along the queue lines were garrisons of stormtroopers keep everything organised and it got you straight into the spirit of the day!

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After a fuel stop it was time to get stuck in so off we went and the first person we bumped into was....

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Darth Vadar (Seriously the person inside the costume was so tall and imposing but also very obliging for photos!)

For me the day was not just about the stalls, it was also admiring all the cosplay outfits as a lot of time and effort goes into them and most people are more than happy to stop for a photo, but the one that I loved the most was the girl who came dressed as a Sunbro from Dark Souls. We spotted her wandering around and Oliver was beside himself as he loves Dark Souls and he loves the Sunbros so we caught up with her and asked if we could take a photo.

As you can see from Oliver's face I think he was rather in his element!!😃

I think the highlight of the day for me was spotting two of my childhood heroes, who although I couldn't speak to them (you had to pay extra to meet the celebs for autographs) I did manage to see. The first was Peter Davison who I came across signing autographs as we came round a corner and I was so beside myself that I grabbed Mr S and was like OMG OMG! To see the Fifth Doctor just a few feet from me was unbelievable as this was someone who I grew up watching and he was my first doctor! I managed to sneak a photo of him!

Further on down I then saw lots of people queuing and I realised why, as this was the area where Chris Barrie, Danny John-Jules and the chaps from Storage Hunters were, but there was also someone else who as much as I love those guys I wanted to see! Yes the one the only SAM J JONES or as he is better know FLASH GORDON!!! Yes FLASH GORDON I think my inner child nearly flipped out at this point and I managed to work my way down the side of where he was sat and again took another sneaky pic!!

If I had lots of money I would have paid to have met loads of people on the day but some of them were £30 each so it was a no go but at least I managed to actually see them, so I can now say I have seen FLASH GORDON!!

Overall it was a fantastic day there was so much to see, but due to the sheer number of people I don't think we managed to see everything, but we did see a wrestling match, celebs, Pokemon, and more cosplay than I have ever seen before in my life!

If you are thinking of going to one of these then here are my top tips

1. If you can afford it book a priority ticket as it allows early access and you can beat the queues.
2. Travel by train if you are going to the NEC it is much easier and cheaper than parking on site.
3. Comfy shoes are a must- you walk a lot!
4. Want to dress up? Go for it I wish I had now but I didn't have enough time as I only knew we were going a few days before as hubby hadn't told me!
5. Take water- it gets hot in there so hydration is essential
7. Don't be shy in asking people in costume for photos as most were more than happy to oblige and were very friendly- especially the Sunbro lady she was awesome!
8. Get there early get registered and have a wander before it gets too crowded.
9. Enjoy it and get your geek on!!

Having now been I want to go to more of these and next time I want to attempt some cosplay and fully unleash the geek!!👽

Until next time!


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