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Thursday, 3 March 2016

February Instagram and General Round Up

Hello can you believe it's March already which means Spring has finally sprung!! I feel the need to start off with an apology as I know the blog is still fairly quiet which has been due to a combination of work and not enough light for photographs.

I am struggling to find a balance between my working life and my blogging life and ultimately the blog is suffering as lets face it the blog doesn't pay the bills!!

I am desperately hoping that once the days get lighter and longer I will have more time to fit in some blogging during the week. At present I am pretty much restricted to only being able to photograph my outfits at the weekend and then it is weather dependent!!

 Anyway I thought I would share with you the highlights of my Instagram feed from February (even that has suffered from a downturn!!) but looking back it was quite a selfie heavy month as sometimes I use them as way of self care - #selfiesforselflove. I think it's nice to record the days when I like how I look or if my make up has managed to actually look half decent!!

I also indulged in some baking over the last month and made my always popular Cherry, Almond and Marzipan cake, Chocolate cake and a raspberry, cherry and almond bakewell tart! I am not the best cook but I like to have a go and it has become a Sunday treat to make a cake.



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