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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Vixen Curves Harness Bra

As someone who is rather blessed in the boob department I very rarely get to partake in any boob related fashion (lets face it even bras are a nightmare at my size!). Pretty lace bralets nope, slinky sexy bras nope, but finally my prayers have been answered and there is a boob fashion I can join in with!!

Harness Bras which are now becoming more and more popular are something that thanks to Vixen Curves I can now enjoy!! I first became aware of the company via Instagram and the more I saw the more I wanted one, so I took the plunge and treated myself to the Vixen Harness Bra for a mere £10.00. 

The bras are super stretchy and even with my 38K boobs the fit is amazing and great for when I want to add something extra to my outfit.

For me this one gave my cleavage a bit of extra oomph and was really comfortable to wear with no digging in from the straps and plenty of give in the elastic. 

I love the whole ethos behind the company who are passionate about giving plus size women products that actually fit a huge range of bodies. I also love their Instagram feed which is full of happy customers (including me!!) and it just oozes body positivity. 

I already have my eye on the Midnight Amber Harness as my next purchase and I love that finally I can join in with boob fashion!!!!

Have you tried one yet?


Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Plus Size Pinafore Dress OOTD

Hello I am back with a new outfit post which I have been meaning to share for ages!!! When I got paid at the end of last month I decided to treat myself to a pinafore dress as I had wanted one for awhile.

I perused ASOS and New Look and finally settled on a New Look one via ASOS as it was cheaper with them than on New Look's own site!!

There is something about a pinafore dress which takes me back to my childhood days (I used to wear them a lot!) but I also love how comfy this one is. I did size up as I didn't want it to be too tight across my tummy so it is slightly on the big side but it allows for any shrinkage when washing.

I do like that the bib is well proportioned on this one so my boobs don't fall out the sides and it has pockets!!

The top underneath is an old one from Primark and my trainers are my favourite New Balance ones.

Outfit details
Dress ASOS Curve
Top Primark
Trainers New Balance

Have you tried a pinafore dress yet?


Saturday, 19 March 2016

Plus 40 Fabulous March Edition

Hello and welcome to this months edition of Plus 40 fabulous where the theme has been chosen by the lovely Cathy who thought it would be good to talk about our greatest achievement.

I have thought long and hard about this as I think I have achieved quite a few things in my almost 41 years on this planet but there is one thing that stands out.

For me my biggest achievement was going to University and I still have very fond memories of my student days.
To put this in some perspective I was never seen as very academic throughout primary and early secondary school, and was even written off in my second year of senior school by my French teacher who thought I would never amount to anything!  I had an older brother who excelled in the subjects I struggled with and my teachers always compared us- well until my mum told one off for doing this at parents evening- go mum!!

Fifteen year old me!

It wasn't until my third year at senior school that I realised I loved English literature and this was the only subject I was in the second set for, and at the same time I had to choose my options and I decided to try social science. I never looked back suddenly I had two subjects that totally made sense to me and that I enjoyed so when it came to my A Levels I knew Sociology and English had to be my main choices along with Psychology.

My mum always says to me that her memories of me during my A Levels was that I always had my head buried in a book and when it came time for my exams I revised non-stop as by this stage I had my heart set on going to University in Chester. I managed to score good enough marks for an unconditional offer at Chester to study English and History and I was over the moon but terrified of moving away from home.

At eighteen I was still incredibly shy and when I first left to go I felt so homesick but my mum insisted I stay for three weeks to really settle in before coming home for the weekend which looking back now she was right to do. Thankfully I was given a room-mate who took me under her wing and I soon settled in.

I had the three most amazing years and it taught me to be independent from my parents, and boosted my confidence and made me a lot less shy, For me University wasn't just about the learning it was the whole experience of living away from home, meeting new people and standing on my own two feet.

21 year old me in 1996!

Now that I am older I sometimes see achievements as the things we take for granted, like those days when you don't want to but you still get out of bed, shower and get on with your life. I realise now that we should never take for granted those days when we still face life even in our darkest hours.

Don't forget to check out the other ladies also taking part.
















Sunday, 13 March 2016

Friday, 11 March 2016

Trinkets Jewellery Everybody in Ads

Last month I became aware of an online jewellery company which wanted to showcase everyday women wearing their items. I was intrigued so headed over to Trinkets Jewellery to find out more from the lady behind it the lovely Fiona.

Her idea is quite simple really, she sends you out a piece of jewellery (based on the information you give her about yourself) and in return she asks for a selfie and a photo of you in the piece to pop on the website.

A quick look on her blog and there are already a growing collection of lovely ladies modelling some beautiful pieces including two of my favourite bloggers- Leah from Just Me Leah and Sarah from Plus Size and Proud.

So here is what I got sent...

Being quite the fan of the Lagenlook this necklace really appeals to me as it stands out and makes a statement against what is quite a plain outfit.

I love the idea behind Fiona's campaign as I think it is great to see women from all walks of life modelling all sorts of different necklaces.

If you want to find out more be sure to head over to Fiona's Blog where you can find out about the Everybody in Ads Campaign.


Sunday, 6 March 2016

Thursday, 3 March 2016

February Instagram and General Round Up

Hello can you believe it's March already which means Spring has finally sprung!! I feel the need to start off with an apology as I know the blog is still fairly quiet which has been due to a combination of work and not enough light for photographs.

I am struggling to find a balance between my working life and my blogging life and ultimately the blog is suffering as lets face it the blog doesn't pay the bills!!

I am desperately hoping that once the days get lighter and longer I will have more time to fit in some blogging during the week. At present I am pretty much restricted to only being able to photograph my outfits at the weekend and then it is weather dependent!!

 Anyway I thought I would share with you the highlights of my Instagram feed from February (even that has suffered from a downturn!!) but looking back it was quite a selfie heavy month as sometimes I use them as way of self care - #selfiesforselflove. I think it's nice to record the days when I like how I look or if my make up has managed to actually look half decent!!

I also indulged in some baking over the last month and made my always popular Cherry, Almond and Marzipan cake, Chocolate cake and a raspberry, cherry and almond bakewell tart! I am not the best cook but I like to have a go and it has become a Sunday treat to make a cake.


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