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Saturday, 2 January 2016

16 in 16

I am not one for New Years Resolutions as I struggle to stick to them, so when the lovely Sophie from Busy Little Fee suggested instead the idea of 16 in 16 I thought I would think about what I might want to do this year.

Sophie says "The concept of 16 in '16 is simple; an opportunity to sit down, reflect on the past year and think about what things we did well, what things we'd like to do better in the future and, more importantly, what things we'd like to achieve in the coming twelve months".

1. Include lifestyle content on the blog 
When I started this blog nearly three years ago the main focus was plus size fashion and it has largely remained that way. Besides my love of fashion I am considering adding some lifestyle posts to the blog such as days out with my family as I don't have the funds to constantly add new outfits to my wardrobe!!

2. More YouTube
Last year saw me start to do more with my YouTube channel including Vlogtober and over the year my subscribers have climbed to 167 which in the grand scheme of things is still tiny but for me it was a great achievement. I want to do more vlogging this year and I know Oliver is keen to get involved as he loves being on camera. 

3. Be more thrifty
I mentioned last year that currently we are one income household so I need to really learn to be thrifty. I have started to use Top Cashback for purchases (although I forget sometimes) and I always scour Ebay for bargains. Before I make a bug purchase I look around for discount codes or offers for free delivery as it all helps. I also have to curb my spending, my wardrobe is packed and lets be honest I can only wear one outfit at a time! I want to dig deep and see what hidden gems I have and not worry about repeating an outfit on the blog from time to time!

4. Grow my following
Now this is something that I am always trying to work on and I have seen my follower count increase over the last three years and I have goals I want to reach.
Twitter 4000
Instagram 2000
Facebook 500
I find the hardest ones to grow or Facebook and Instagram so we will see!

5. Bake more cakes
I do love to bake and my parents very kindly bought me an electric mixer last year which is fab, I do have a signature cake- Cherry, Almond and Marzipan which I haven't made for ages. I find it relaxing and I take great joy in seeing people enjoying what I have made.

6. Drink more water
I am terrible for not drinking enough during the day and it leads me to become dehydrated and headachey. We have a water machine at work so there is no excuse so I intend to keep a glass on my desk and fill it at regular intervals. I'm sure it would help my skin as well as it looks tired and I am convinced this is from lack of water.

7. Look after my skin
Now I am in my forties I really need to look after my skin (to be honest you should look after your skin no matter what your age!). I have become quite the fan of micellar water and I need to stop committing the beauty crime of not taking my make up off at night!! I have also started gently ex foliating my skin and using primer! 

8. De-Clutter
I am terrible for holding onto things I no longer need, albeit clothes, make up or just random stuff. I don't live in a very big house so space is at a premium. I also need to learn to be more tidy and put things away!

9. Social Media
I love social media but I often don't use it as much as I should for blogging purposes. I want to share more on Instagram other than just my usual selfies and I feel I need to be more chatty on Twitter. I think  my biggest problem is finding time so I need to see how I go with this.

10. Blog More
Last year I didn't blog as much as I wanted to due to my job becoming full time and very busy. What I need to do is manage my time at home so I can take outfit photos, schedule in advance and use my time effectively. I do have the blogger app on my phone and if creativity sometimes strikes whilst I am on the bus home from work I need to make the most of it! I am proud of how far this little blog has come and it makes me happy to know in March I shall celebrate my third blogging anniversary as when I started I had doubts as to how long it would last!

11. Remember to buy a lottery ticket 
Simple really I always forget and as my husband likes to remind me 'you have to be in it to win it'! 

12. Get better with make up
Somehow I have reached the age of 40 and I still cannot do winged eyeliner, I have watched all the tutorials who make it look so easy yet when I try nada!! I have more make up now than I have ever owned but I need to become more proficient in using it!!!

13. Walk More
I need to get of my bum and walk more I used to walk 20 minutes each way to and from work but before Christmas I discovered a bus that would mean I no longer had to do this! I am sat down at my desk most days at work so my plan is to get up every so often and stretch my legs even if I just go to the toilet and back!! I also need to get back to walking round the country parks where I live as I know I always feel refreshed after a walk- it blows the cobwebs away!

14. Attend more meet ups
Last year I managed to get three events (two of which were in Brum!!) now this is really down to finances allowing me to travel. I know I want to go to the Curve Fashion Festival in September but beyond that it will be down to money. 

15. Pinterest
I have had a Pinterest account for years (I think I had it before I started blogging) but I still don't really get it. I see a lot of bloggers saying it generates traffic to their blog but I don't get how! This year I want to get to grips with it!

16. Interact more
I read lots of blogs but I am terribly guilty of reading and running as sometimes there are demands on my time. This year I want to try and comment more because as bloggers we all love interaction and comments. I still love it when someone leaves me a comment as you know the post has been well received. 

So there you have it my 16 in 16 will I achieve them all well you'll have to wait and see!!!

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