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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Blog EveryDay in June Day Three

Hello and welcome to Day Three of Blog Everday in June and the theme for today is Beauty Essentials.

Until I started blogging I had lost some of my interest in make up but over the last two years I have fallen in love with beauty products and now wear more make up than I ever did before.

I have decided to go with the things that I use everyday as these are my essential items.


These are the three foundations that I tend to use the most at the moment and I shall be very sad when the MeMeMe runs out (which it nearly is) as I have loved this one but it is on the pricier side. For budget friendly ones I like the Essence mousse which I have just started using but I think will eventually become my main foundation.


These are three that I currently use and I think my favourite is the Make Up Revolution Viper as I liked the curved brush and it doesn't clump. The W7 was a cheap purchase from B&M bargains but it can be clumpy and has a tendency to end up on my eyelids!


I never used to use blusher as I had no clue how to apply it! It was only when my husband commented one day that I should try it that I took the plunge and bought the MUA mosaic blusher and I loved it. (The one pictured is my second one). I still adore the Make Up Revolution blusher palette and also my recent MUA Luxe purchase!


OK so I never owned a single brush until a few months ago shocking I know! I know realise the importance of them and I am slowly building my collection!


With wearing make up also comes the need to take it off before going to bed! I discovered Garnier Micellar water last year and this is now my second bottle. I am a total fan and having tried other ones I always come back to this one. My skin has been much clearer since I started using it and it always feels really clean. I also love their eye make up remover as it gets even the most stubborn stuff off without rubbing and it is super cheap.


Last but by no means least moisturiser. I have tried loads over the years but at the moment I love this Garnier one I found in Poundland! It smells lovely and a little goes a long way. I also won the Witch serum from the lovely Laura over at Laura loves and I have been enjoying using it under my make up.

What are your beauty essentials?


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