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Friday, 5 June 2015

Blog Everyday in June day Five

Hello and welcome to day five of blog everyday in June!!  The theme for today is my favourite bloggers!

Now I do read a lot of blogs so it has been really hard as I can't mention everyone but here are some of my faves!

Margot Meanie

Margot and I originally discovered each other via our Tumblr blogs and she has become one of my favourite bloggers. She has recently collaborated with Cool Gal Blue on a new plus size fashion line and it is awesome. I love Margot she has a really unique sense of style and she is a truly lovely person, I just wish I could have the chance to meet her in real life!

the Margot Meanie Collection for Cool Gal Blue
Image from Margot Meanie
  Just Me Leah

I don't think its any secret how much I adore Leah, I have been an avid reader of her blog for a long time. The first time we met each other we were sharing the worlds smallest hotel room (honestly you couldn't swing a cat in there let alone two plus size bloggers!), it was like I had known her for years. I love Leah for telling it like it is and her awesome personality really shines through her blog.

Call Me Kim

I had the pleasure of meeting Kim for the first time at Style XL last year and I loved her (she is also a fellow Midlander like me!!). We met again to go to a Christmas meet up in Sheffield and spent the day giggling and chatting away, and then earlier this year we visited Simply Be together to have a tying on session which meant more giggles!! I adore Kim she has an effortless sense of style and if you are on the taller side then she is your go to blogger!

Does My Blog Make Me Look Fat

I have also been a long time fan of Becky and met her for the first time at Plus North in 2013, she is the queen of Modcloth dresses and I have serious wardrobe envy!! I have been lucky enough to meet her a few times and she never fails to make me laugh. She is my go to for dress inspiration!!!

The Curved Opinion

I have love Vicky from the Curved Opinion she wears the most beautiful dresses as is just such an adorable person. I met her at Plus North in 2013 and we spent the whole time giggling again I felt like I had known her forever, I'm just sad that we haven't had a chance to see each other since!

There are lots more people I could mention if I had the time but I love you all!!

Who are your favourite bloggers?


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