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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Blog Everyday in June Day 25

I am starting off this post with yet another sorry I have been useless and not kept up with the schedule as life got in the way again!!

The theme for today is sharing some life lessons!

1.Comparison is the thief of joy 
It is very easy to get carried away looking at what other people have and not realise your own value and potential and with social media it is all too easy to get drawn in. That perfect Instagram selfie or on trend OOTD is just a 5 second snapshot of someone's life it doesn't show what goes on behind closed doors. I think most of us present the best version of ourselves to the world and keep other parts hidden away and things aren't always as they appear.

2. Appreciate all that you have no matter how little it may be
We live in a fast paced throwaway society where we are all clambering to get the latest designer handbag or 4k television as we are told this will make us happy. Does it really make us happy to be surrounded by lots of material possessions? After all when you have shuffled off this mortal coil will the fact that you owned a Hermes bag be the thing that people remember about you? Having seen my husband survive redundancy and now living on just my salary you really learn to appreciate all that you have and you truly understand what is important.

3. Don't sweat the small stuff
As I have gotten older there are some things that I worry about less as I have come to realise that I cannot worry about what I can't change. You realise that not everyone will like you and that is ok and the older I get the thicker my skin grows!

4. Pick your battles
As a parent I have come to realise that there are some battles you will never win and some that just aren't worth the stress and upset they will cause. Life is about compromise and whilst I believe in certain rules for my son there are times when I know to let things go!!


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