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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Blog Everday in June Day Nine

Hello and welcome to Day 9 of blog everyday in June and the theme for today is Summer Essentials.

Now living in the UK it sometimes feels like the Summer will never start especially this year but we have been blessed with a few warm days already which means the start of chub rub season!

Oh yes chub rub something I deal with every year when the temperature rises and I free my legs from tights and leggings. I have tried various things to combat it, I have a pair of anti-chafe shorts from the Big Bloomers company- you can read my blog post about them here and I have invested in some easy breeze shorts from Taking Shape as well.

I do like both of these especially at the moment when it is still chilly in the morning as it gives me some warmth but when it gets really hot I want as few layers as possible. There is a product that I discovered about two years ago I think via a blog post and I have stuck with it as it I find it really works.

I am talking about Silky Underwear from Lush which is a dusting powder that not only smells divine but one application in the morning sees me through a busy day at work and keeps me comfortable.

I must have had this bottle for about two years and I still have loads left as a little goes a long way, much better than talc and my skin feels lovely after using it.

So if you suffer from the dreaded chub rub then give this a try I can't get through summer without it!!


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