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Saturday, 9 May 2015

ASOS Curve Oversized T-Shirt OOTD

Hello and welcome to me finally getting round to posting a new OOTD on the blog sorry it has been so long!!!

About two weeks ago I did some comfort shopping on ASOS Curve and fell in love with an oversized striped t-shirt. I love a good stripe and an oversized top so when these two were combined I knew it had to be mine!

Really I should have learnt from past mistakes with ASOS Curve and their oversized stuff as it really is oversized! On the model it looked baggy but on me well lets have a look shall we!

I think I could wear it as a nightie as it almost down to my knees!! Yet despite this I love it for the sheer comfiness especially when I was bloated last week due to my daft hormones! I am tempted to wear it in the summer with bare legs as a t-shirt dress!

To give it a bit of a punky edge I tried out my new clutch bag from Primark which I spotted last week and nabbed for £6!!

If you are near a Primark and like novelty bags I would suggest popping in as I found quite a few for very reasonable prices!

So here I am breaking the fat girl fashion rules again in all my stripy and oversized glory and do I care? Hell no!

Outfit details

T-shirt ASOS Curve
Leggings Yours Clothing
Trainers Converse (gift from a friend)
Clutch Primark


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