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Monday, 13 April 2015

Plus Size International Wish List

We have a lot more choice of plus size retailers in the UK now but there are also some fantastic overseas retailers who we would all love to shop with but often find import duty and shipping costs can be off putting. With this in mind the lovely Debz from Wannabe Princess thought it would be fun if we all compiled a wishlist of items we would love to buy from overseas retailers.

I went on a good mooch round the internet to see what I could find and the options did not disappoint!

I started with Modcloth who to be fair I do have a couple of dresses from as I managed to grab them in the stylish surprise and they were cheap enough to not pay duty on. There are alot of dresses on their site that I would love to own but I know that the duty would be a problem and I don't have the funds!

Here is what I would buy from Modcloth

This is the Coach Tour Dress and I love the nautical theme to this dress and the neckline! If you like the look of this dress it retails for $59.99.

My next retailer is Nordstrom where again I found loads of choice but one dress in particular really called out to me.

I love the clashing prints on this Eliza J Dress but at £141 it is a bit out of my price range!! The one thing I did like was that Nordstrom have an option to display the prices in pounds and also an option to pay duty at order point although I would still worry that customs would charge me again upon delivery!

I then headed over to Macys to see what I could find and again I had the option to display the prices in pounds but shipping is not cheap at £17 plus again duty when it arrives!
Here is a dress that caught my eye!

This is the NY Collection maxi dress and is quite the steal at £21 in the sale but again once you add on shipping and duty it is not quite the same bargain!!

My final destination was Torrid where I found myself torn between two dresses but this one made the final cut!

I love the skull print on this dress as it gives it a quirky edge and it retails for $68.50.

So there you have it my international wishlist and I think if I had to choose one retailer who had a UK version it would have to be Modcloth!

Don't forget to check out the other ladies to see what is on their wishlists!!

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