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Friday, 20 February 2015

Unconditional Body Beautiful Part Two- The Bust

Hello and welcome to this months Unconditional Body Beautiful where we are talking about the bust!

I think it's fair to say that the first thing people tend to notice about me is my bust as at a size 38K it is quite hard to miss!

I have most definitely had a love hate relationship with my boobs over the years which started when I was quite young. By the time I came to start secondary school I was already wearing a bra and was one of only a few at that time. I was quite freaked out as I had always been a total tomboy! The boys used to ping my bra straps and I was teased by both girls and boys.

By my mid teens I was in a DD cup and was still so unsure of my body, I was still very tomboyish so this very feminine figure was rather alien to me and didn't fit the look I wanted!

As I got ready to start University I was measured at a local department store where I discovered I was a 30E! In those days there was little to no choice so I had one style of Triumph bra in black, nude and white!!! I wish I could go back in time to my younger self and make me aware of what an amazing figure I had!

Things got progressively worse during my twenties as I started to gain weight which made my boobs bigger and I grew to really hate them. I went to see my GP and asked for a breast reduction and after seeing a consultant was granted the go ahead. Due to a change in my personal circumstances I didn't end up going through with the operation.
I think one of the first breakthroughs was when Bravissimo started to open stores and suddenly I had access to more underwear than ever before. I also started to realise what a bad fitting bra looked like (I had probably worn the wrong size for years) and suddenly my boobs were no longer on my waist but up where they should be!!

Fast forward to now age 39 and with my boobs at the biggest size they have ever been somehow I have finally made peace with them!! I think this has been partly helped by having more underwear choices than in previous years as more retailers have embraced us larger busted ladies!! It also helps to have a husband who loves me just the way I am (he thinks I am really lucky to be so well blessed in the boob department!!!). I still have days when I get annoyed with them, which is mainly due to clothing not fitting right or the cost of my bras!!

What can I say they are a huge part of who I am and there are worse things to be known for than having big boobs!!!! (but there is a lot more to me than just this!!).

Anyway if you are still with me then enjoy some boobage!!

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