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Monday, 24 November 2014

Simply Be Partner Styling Christmas Challenge*

I was recently contacted by Simply Be and asked if myself and my husband would like to take part in a Christmas Styling Challenge whereby he would put together an outfit for me and I rate it to see how well he did!!

We were both really excited to do this as my husband is quite vocal when it comes to fashion and isn't afraid to say what he likes and dislikes!!

His first challenge was to choose the items and then make a board on Polyvore (I may have had to help as he has never used Polyvore before!!). This took some time as he mooched through the available options and kept changing his mind but eventually he got there!

So here is the board that Mr S created.

Stuart Styling Nikki

Strappy shoes

Metallic clutch

White statement necklace

1. Anna Scholz Dress
He chose this as he knows I like a good form fitting dress and currently I don't own anything like this one and he likes to see me in things that show of my figure rather than hide it. He also liked the lace overlay and decided that a long sleeved party dress would be something a bit different from what I would usually wear.
SimplyBe Party Dress size 24 Anna Scholz BBW

2. Sole Diva Shoes
My husband knows that as much as I like heels I am useless at walking in them so he chose a pair with a lower heel but that would still give me a party look!

3. Clutch Bag
He chose this bag as he knows I have a weakness for anything that is sparkly but I also need something that my huge phone will fit in!!

4. Statement Necklace
Having seen me eye up lots of statement necklaces he knew I would like this one and he felt that as it was white it would stand out against the outfit.

Not only was he asked to choose an outfit but he was also tasked with helping to choose make up to complete the look. Now I did ask him if he wanted to apply my make up but he ran a mile so instead he chose it and I applied it!

He thought a smokey eye and strong lipstick would be the ideal look for this outfit and plenty of eyeliner!

So how do I think he did? Well I think he nailed it this is very much a look I would choose for myself as I have long been a fan of Anna Scholz and I don't think I have ever owned a party dress with full length sleeves. The dress itself has a very stretchy lining but the lace has little stretch so bear this in mind if you are looking at this one. I also loved the sweetheart neckline of the lining and it covered my bra (which is often an issue) and even my bra straps look like a part of the dress. The length is good it comes down to below my knee so if you are taller than me this dress is a good option. The shoes are a perfect fit and just the right height and the necklace and bag are very me!!

Sorry for the blurry picture but I had the giggles!

I think you can see from the last two pictures how happy I am with the outfit!

Here he is in all his glory the wonderful Mr S!! 


So it just leaves me to say a huge thank you to Simply Be for inviting us to take part in this challenge as we had great fun and a big thank you to Mr S for having a go and picking an amazing outfit!


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