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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Posing in Primark OOTD

So I am finally getting round to blogging a dress I bought a few weeks ago from Primark which if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen.

Primark at the moment in terms of dresses isn't really doing it for me but when I spotted one looking at me as I came down the escalator I had to investigate! I was shocked to find one in a size 20 right a the front of the rack which I took as a sign that this dress was meant to be!

So here it is (again sorry about the photos- I am struggling with the light due to the darker days.)

Primark BBW Size 20 Fat

What I liked about this dress was the white collars and cuffs which give it a 60's vibe and make it different to the other dresses that I own. It is a shift style but heavy jersey with loads of stretch so it skims rather than clings and was a bargain £13.00

The boots I am going to blog separately at some point as they are amazing, chelsea boots but with brogue detailing and a mere £10!

Is Primark floating your boat at the moment?


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