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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Blogtober 2014 Day Eight

Hello and welcome to Day eight of Blogtober and today the theme is what's in my handbag?

Now as a mum I end up carrying loads of rubbish in my handbag so before doing this post I had a good clear out (I did have loads of packets of sugar that Oliver nabbed from the ASDA cafe but you don't need to see those!).

So here is what I carry around on a day to day basis

1. My handbag is from Simply Be and was given to me as a part of my outfit for Style XL.
2. My phone which is always with me and provides entertainment on my bus journeys to work.
3. Tweezers for hair related emergencies!
4. My pass for work with a funky AUDI lanyard courtesy of my big brother.
5. Headphones so I can either listen to the radio on my phone or my ipod.
6. My very old ipod, I use this as it has a massive load of storage.
7. Travelcard without which I can't get to work!
8. Umbrella, I am finally organised enough to keep a brolly in my bag!
9. A pen which I nabbed from work.
10. My purse which is huge and sometimes annoying but always easy to find in my bag!

So there you have it the contents of my bag.!


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