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Friday, 31 October 2014

Blogtober 2014 Day 31

Well that's it folks the last day of Blogtober 2014, apologies for not managing to post everyday but this month has been a bit up and down!

I'm sure it will come as no surprise that today I am talking Halloween!!

When I was growing up no one really made a big deal of Halloween but it seems in the last couple of years it has become more and more popular. I decided to deck the house out a bit more this year and try and get into the spirit of it.

So here is Halloween NattyNikki Style!

I hope you have a delightfully spooky Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!


Suits You Vicky!

Hello and welcome to the October edition of Suits You and today I am styling the gorgeous Vicky from The Curved Opinion.

 photo DSC02843_zps97dbc8fe.jpg
The Curved Opinion

Now I have had the pleasure of meeting Vicky at Plus North last year and I am an avid reader of her blog. When it comes to clothing there is one thing I know she loves and that is dresses, she has all the best ones!

So I decided to style an outfit based on a dress that I love and that I think Vicky would look amazing in- I just hope she likes what I have put together!

All the pieces I have chosen are from Simply Be as I know Vicky is quite the fan of their clothing. I think this dress could be worn for both day and night so I included a choice of shoes.

Outfit details
Dress Look Magazine for Simply Be
Boots Simply Be Catwalk Collection
Heels Simply Be Catwalk Collection
Handbag Jane Shilton
Necklace Simply Be

I hope Vicky likes what I have chosen!!

Don't forget to go and visit her over at The Curved Opinion and also on twitter Vicky_Coop


Thursday, 30 October 2014

Bras Galore

I was recently contacted by Bras Galore to ask if I would like to do an exclusive interview with the founder Danielle Kisby. Now as I have known the pain of finding a good fitting bra over the years I was very keen to get some good bra advice!!

So here is the interview..

1.What are the signs of a good fitting bra?

When you’re wearing a well-fitting bra, the underband will lie comfortably and evenly around your body, with the underwire sitting flat against your chest wall. The cup shouldn’t have any puckering or overspill, and should leave you feeling supported and confident.

2.What are the signs of an ill fitting bra?

An underband that’s too large will feel loose and ride up at the back, while one too small will dig in and feel uncomfortable. If your cup size is too small, you might notice ‘double boobs’ because you’re being squeezed in, and the underwire won’t sit snugly against your ribcage. An oversized cup will pucker or gape away from your chest.
Other problems include too-tight straps digging into the shoulders, and ‘droppy’ boobs resulting from inadequate support.

3.Can you explain the different styles of bra i.e  plunge, balconette?

Padded half-cup bras have wide-set straps that show off your neck and cleavage, and give your boobs fantastic lift.
Moulded bras are seam free for a smooth look, making them great for wearing beneath tight-fitting tops and dresses. Choose a firmer mould for additional lift, or go soft for a natural look.
Balcony bras help enhance your cleavage, and have wide-set straps suited to low-cut tops.
Plunge bras provide relatively little coverage, so are great when you want to reveal your cleavage. Choose light padding for extra support.
Strapless bras have gripper elastic to help keep it in place. It’s recommended that ladies with a D cup or larger choose a three-section version for more support.
Non-wired soft-cup bras provide extra comfort and room for movement, making them great for pregnant women and growing teenagers. 

4. What styles of bra are suited to full on top breasts?

In the right size, most bras are suited to women with full upper breasts. However, bras with tight upper sections, such as balconette styles, are best avoided as they can cut across the fuller part of the bust.

5.What styles of bra are suited to full on bottom breasts?

Women with fuller bottom breasts may find the top of full-coverage cups gape away from the body. Demi-cup or balcony bras are more suitable, and a moulded style will provide lift.

6.What is the correct way to put a bra on?

We recommend leaning forward and allowing your breasts to fall into the cups — a motion we call ‘the swoop’. Next, fasten the bra on the loosest hook before standing up and scooping each breast gently into place, remembering breast tissue beneath the underarm. Make sure you don’t have any skin caught in the underwire or spilling from the sides, and smooth the top of the cup to prevent ‘double boobs’.

Fantastic advice I'm sure you will agree and some very helpful advice on what to look for when buying a bra- so hopefully my bra nightmares should be banished! 

I would also like to say thank you to Danielle for giving up her time to answer some questions.
Don't forget to go and check out Bras Galore I know I will be!

Thanks for reading


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Blogtober 2014 Day 28

Another day another Blogtober post- I promise they will be over soon!!Anyway today I am talking about my favourite music.

I have always loved music and even when I was young my walkman would go everywhere with me, now I carry my Ipod wherever I go!

I must admit that I am not really down with the kids I rarely know what is at number one in the charts and hve to constantly ask my younger work colleagues who is who when I hear a song on Radio 1 at work!!  So my music choices very much reflect the music of my youth and that I stil listen to today.

1. Crowded House
I adore Crowded House and have been lucky enough to see them live twice. To me there is a timeless quality to their music and no matter how down I feel if I put Don't Dream Its Over on I instantly feel lifted.

2.Depeche Mode
Growing up my older brother was a huge influence on my musical tastes and this is a band that we both love. Again I have been lucky to see them twice live and they blew me away, the power of Dave Gahan's voice even live is incredible. In my younger days I could often be seen sporting my beloved Violater top (if you check out my throwback post you can see me in it!).

I loved and still love OMD with Andy McClusky and his dad dancing to their electro pop music. I also loved the fact that when I went to Uni in Chester I saw some of the places such as Sealand which had inspired some of their songs. I was an avid member of their old fan club and had a bag adorned in OMD badges and a very funky t-shirt which I wore to death whilst doing my A-Levels!

What music do you love to listen to?


Monday, 27 October 2014

Blogtober 2014 Day 27

The end is in sight only a few more days of Blogtober left and today I am looking at my favourite You Tubers

Now we watch a lot of YouTube in our house so I have picked the favourite channels that are enjoyed by various members of the household!!

1. Cinemassacre/ Angry Video Game Nerd
Hubby and I are huge fans of James Rolfe aka The Angry Video Game Nerd, although this is not a channel to watch with kids in the room! If you like watching anything from retro gaming to a whole month dedicated to Halloween then this is the channel for you!

2. The Diamond Minecart
Ok so my son and husband love Minecraft, and not only do they like playing it they also like to watch videos of other people playing it! The Diamond Minecart is probably my sons favourite channel and one that I don't mind him watching as there is no swearing

3. Njenkin
I have mentioned this chap before and I think he deserves another shout out for the effort he puts into his videos. I think hubby stumbled across his channel whilst looking for Tomb Raider walkthroughs as he is currently doing a series called Tomb Raider Blundering! I loved Tomb Raider but never managed to finish it so I am keen to see what happens in the levels that I never got to!! He also does a random Wednesday question which are funny and retro game reviews so lots to see.

4. Theme Park HD
Despite hating roller coasters I have a strange fascination with watching videos of them online and this account is amazing. HD videos and at the moment lots of halloween themed rides as well. So if like me you want to experience a roller coaster ride in comfort then check out this channel!

5.Johns Arcade
John has an arcade full of retro gaming goodness in the basement of his house. He also loves pinball machines and we get to see him visit arcades, conventions other collectors etc. If like me you grew up in the era of only being able to play the best games at the arcade then you will love this channel.

OK so there you have it a little taste of what we watch on these dark evenings!!


Sunday, 26 October 2014

Blogtober 2014 Day 26

Apologies for missing some days of the Blogtober challenge but illness, work and general tiredness left me feeling rather low last week, but I am back!!

So today the theme is throwback which has meant I dragged out my old photos and have put a selection together for you to giggle at!! Now please remember I have lived through the 70's 80's and 90's so some of my fashion choices are a bit questionable!!

Anyway enjoy..............


Saturday, 25 October 2014

Swinging Saturday OOTD

Hello and happy Saturday-yes I am back after having a little break from blogging and it suddenly occurred to me that I haven't done an outfit post for ages.

I had one of those meltdown moments this morning where I hated everything in my wardrobe but eventually I settled on an outfit.

Swing Dress ASOS Curve BBW fat plus size

Not sure what I was doing here!

I love this necklace.
I dug this ASOS Curve swing dress out which I haven't worn for ages, I bought it last year and it made it's debut at Plus North. It also started my love affair (more like obsession) with swing dresses!

I love a good dress but I at the weekends I like to dress them down a bit so I popped on my new bargain trainers from Primark which I am seriously in love with at the moment. I think they were about £6 and have ribbon laces and fur inside. If you come across them in your local store- snap a pair up you will not regret it!

The jacket is from Henry Holland at Debenhams and was a present from Hubby for last years birthday. I don't wear it as much as I should which is a situation that I need to rectify!

I finished the outfit off with my trusty NattyNikki necklace from Black Heart Creatives as sometimes I just need a gentle nudge to get my blogging groove back on!!

Outfit Details
Dress ASOS Curve last year but they do pop on Ebay
Jacket Henry Holland from Debenhams
Tights 100 Denier Primark
Necklace Black Heart Creatives custom made
Trainers Primark.

I hope to be back into the swing of things- pardon the pun as I seem to have found my mojo again, so expect some more blogtober bits coming your way soon!


Monday, 20 October 2014

Blogtober a Quick Update

Hello lovely people, I felt I needed to do a quick update as to why I have been unable to stick to my intended Blogtober schedule.

As you may know my husband was made redundant at the end of September and he now has a new job (yay) but he is working part time whilst I have increased my hours. By the time I get home I just want to collapse in a heap so sadly the blog has had to take more of a back seat at the moment!.

I had a rough patch last week with illness which is still lingering and knocking me about and also I had the four year anniversary (not sure that is the best term to use) of my miscarriage which in a strange twist of irony falls on what is known as pregnancy and infant loss day.  Although it was very touching and really quite moving to see all the candles that had been lit in honour of these losses across the world (known as the Wave of Light). Yes it has been four years but I will always carry this with me so forgive me if occasionally it causes me upset.

So that is where I am at the moment I think for the sake of my sanity I may be a bit quieter this month and I apologise to those who have joined in with blogtober that I may not complete all the posts.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part so far it has been lovely to see how many people have written posts and I have connected with some new bloggers which is always lovely.

I hope to get back on form next month as I have a few bargain bits and pieces to show you including a fab coat from ASDA!

Anyway thanks again!


Sunday, 19 October 2014

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Blogtober 2014 Day 18

Hello and welcome to day 18 of blogtober where today I am looking at my favourite tv programmes.

1. Parks and Recreation
I am quite late to the party on this one, I had seen people on Twitter talking about it so when I got the chance I started to watch it. Well I am hooked I have watched all 6 seasons and now I am eagerly awaiting the seventh season.  It is part mockumentary style as the characters address the camera as if they are talking to an interviewer (although we never see anyone behind the camera) and the rest comedy. The characters are well thought out and very clever and I'm sure by the time you finish watching it you will utter the immortal phrase "treat yo self"!(My version of treat yo self is a marathon session of Parks and Rec!!).
Actually just watch it for the brilliance that is Chris Pratt!!

2. Doctor Who
I have never made any secret of the fact that I have a great love of Doctor Who which stems back to my childhood. The first Doctor I can vaguely remember is Tom Baker and my mum even knitted me a Doctor Who scarf. My first proper doctor was Peter Davison and I watched it right through to when it was eventually cancelled. You can imagine my delight when it was brought back and I have loved the new series. Now I know that the new Doctor is dividing opinion but I do like him and for me I like the departure away from a younger actor as you need some with gravitas to portray him. I just hope that the new revamped series is here to stay.

3. Real Housewives of New York City
OK so this is my guilty pleasure programme!! I love this as to me its reality TV at it's finest! Set in New York it follows the lives of a group of "housewives" as they go about their daily lives. I think it brings the term bitchy to a whole new level as they fall out make up and then fall out again!!


What do you love to watch?


Friday, 17 October 2014

Blogtober 2014 Day 17

Hello and welcome to day 17 of Blogtober, the theme for today is my favourite films.

I am very much a child of the 80's so I think most of my choices will reflect this!

1. Ghostbusters
This was one of those must see films and even now I am amazed if I meet someone of my age who hasn't seen it! I was about nine when it came out and drove my mum mad constantly watching a version that had been taped off the tv (we had to wait a long time in those days for films to make it to tv). I even had the theme tune on 7" single!You can imagine my excitement when aged 17 at Universal studios in Florida when I saw a mock of the New York Public Library from the film! To me this film is perfect and I still love watching it now and even my seven year old son is quite the fan!

2. Some Kind of Wonderful
I have long been a fan of the John Hughes films (The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller etc) but the one that I truly love is Some Kind of Wonderful which seems to be less well known. I first saw this film when I was about 17 and it captured me, I guess I was just the right age for a bit of teenage angst and romance! The story is about a boy called Keith (played by Eric Stolz) who is in love with a girl called Amanda Jones but she runs around with the popular rich kids despite not being rich herself. Keith has a best friend called Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson) who is a total tomboy but also secretly in love with Keith and he is totally oblivious to this! If you have seen and like Pretty in Pink then this is the film for you as it is almost that film but in reverse! All I can say is go watch it!

3. The Breakfast Club
Again another John Hughes film and one that I saw in my late teenage years that has stayed with me, which I now own on blu-ray! The premise of the film is really quite simple a bunch of kids have been put into Saturday detention at school for various misdemeanours of which we find out as the film progresses. They start out not knowing each other but by the end of the day have forged a bond. This film features the amazing song Don't You Forget About Me by Simple Minds which for me is such an 80's anthem! If you have never seen this film then go watch and tell me which character is you!

Growing up the only superhero I truly loved was Superman and again this was another film that I would drive my mum mad with watching it all the time! For me the only Superman can be Christopher Reeve he was perfect and although I have watched the modern remakes they just don't compare. He was perfect as the clumsy nerd Clark Kent with some lovely comedic moments, but then he would transform into this powerful superhero and you believed it. This is yet another film that I have introduced my son to and he loves it! (Along of course with Spiderman!).

So there you have it, I could ramble on for days but I will leave it at that!!!

One final thing..............



Thursday, 16 October 2014

Blogtober 2014 Day 14 and 15

I have been a bad blogger this week and not kept up with the Blogtober  schedule, which is mainly due to work and feeling under the weather.

So to make up for this I have decided to pop two of the days into one post.

Day 14

Your Favourite Scent/Perfume

I have one perfume which I love and always go back to- Jean Paul Gaultier. My husband bought it for me some years ago and I have stuck with it ever since.

Day 15 Childhood Memory

I think my favourite memories are of our family holidays to Hopton On Sea in Norfolk. I would be so excited that the night before we were due to go I would barely sleep! I loved and still to this day love the seaside and when I was small it seemed like a magical faraway place which needed me to take travel sickness pills to cope with the journey!
We would stay at a big holiday park which in those days was owned by a company called Holimarine (I believe Haven now own all the sites). We played mini golf, swam in the outdoor pool and would go to the disco at the clubhouse in the evenings.

Now that I am a parent myself I still love caravan holidays and although we I haven't been back to Hopton for many years my son loves Burnham on Sea and I hope when he is older that he looks back and has the same fond memories of this childhood holidays.


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

I Feel Good

Hello and welcome to this months I Feel Good.

I had no doubt in my mind which photo I wanted to use, it was one of those rare moments when a quick instagram selfie really worked!

I'm not afraid to say that I love this photo and when I am having an off day which I have had today this makes me feel so much better!

 (Apologies for not keeping up with the Blogtober schedule this week but I haven't been feeling too good this week).

Don't forget to check out the other ladies who are also Feeling Good!



Monday, 13 October 2014

Blogtober 2014 day Thirteen

Hello and welcome to Day 13 of Blogtober and the theme for today is your favourite bloggers!

Now I read a lot of blogs but the ones I am going to mention in this post are the ones that I read on a regular basis.

Just Me Leah  

I love Leah and whenever I am having a bad day her blog always makes me smile!

Plump Parsnip 

Cass has the most amazing collection of clothes- be sure to check out her wardrobe weekly posts!

 Margot Meanie

Margot and I met via Tumblr, I love her style and she also runs the alternative curves movement on Instagram

Does My Blog Make Me Look Fat

Becky has an eye for the best dresses including some serious beauties from Modcloth!

The Curved Opinion

Vicky also has the most amazing collection of dresses known to man!

Seeing Spots

Steph is lovely go and see her for a mixture of fashion beauty and lifestyle posts.

Mrs BeBe

Fashion blogger extraordinaire and all round lovely person who never fails to inspire me on the fashion front! 

Whose blogs do you love to read?


Sunday, 12 October 2014

Blogtober 2014 Day Twelve

Hello and welcome to Day 12 of Blogtober, and today the theme is What Are You Reading?

I have a stack of books on my bedside table which I am currently trying to get through, so here are the main three!

I have read a few of Dan Brown's novels and I am currently trying to plough through this one but sadly I don't seem to get the time to read these days!

I have always had a soft spot for Stephen King and his novels were always my go to reads for chilling out during my university days!

This I wanted to read as I have always loved Andrew McCarthy and this novel is part memoir part travel writing.

What are you reading at the moment?


Saturday, 11 October 2014

Party Dress Time With Pink Clove*

Now I know it's only October but the chatter in my office at work has already started about the works Christmas do which is leading me to think about what to wear!

So when I was asked if I would like to review something from Pink Clove I decided to try a dress that I had seen at Style XL and I knew would be perfect for the party season.

Pink Clove Party Dress Size 22 BBW

This fit and flare dress is in a light scuba material so has loads of stretch but is also thin enough that I won't be sweating to death on a night out. I like the fact that is blue rather than black and the fit for me is good but I could have sized down (I went with a 22), as always I was worried about boobage room. I was intending to style this with my trusty heels but I had to send them to shoe heaven as they had given up after nine years of good service!! Instead I dug out some flats from Peacocks but I now need to hunt for some heels to go with this dress!

I am going to save this dress for my Christmas do, after which I plan to wear it on a more informal basis with some brogues for work so a good all round dress and a steal at £20!

Outfit Details
Dress Pink Clove*
Necklace New Look
Shoes Peacocks old
Clutch Bag Peacocks Old

*Denotes a gifted item but all opinions are my own
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