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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Fat and Happy!!

I'm sure by now most people will have seen or become aware of an awful fat shaming article in the Daily Fail. (I am not linking to it but a quick look on their site and you would find it!).

A lot of people have already responded and probably in a more eloquent way than I ever could (I just want to swear) I decided instead my response would be an outfit that no doubt the writer of the original article would find offensive!!

BBW FAT GIRL SIZE 24 Crop top Primark

This is my Friday night chilling in the garden with my hubby outfit and if the sight of a fat girl in a crop top is offensive to you- well I don't care!!!

Outfit details
Trousers George at Asda
Crop top Primark - last year but I think they are selling them again this year
Sandals Primark last year
Donut Necklace Black Heart Creatives- because of course I am fat and only ever eat donuts!!

Have a fab weekend and remember no matter what you are fabulous!


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