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Thursday, 3 July 2014

A Fustrated Shopper

I seem to be in a bit of a ranty mood this week- blame the weather, or the planets or whatever you want but I am one unhappy bunny!

Now I am the first to admit that plus size fashion has come a long way and there are a lot more retailers and far more choice, but not always on the high street.
This rant all stems back to last week when I decided to go and spend my New Look vouchers that I had been given for my birthday. I was going to spend them online as like many of my other fellow fats I buy lots of clothes online as for me personally there tends to be more options. I decided in my wisdom that no as I wasn't working last Friday I would tootle into Birmingham and visit one of the TWO New Look stores we have that actually has the Inspire range instore.
I was really excited at the thought of some child free shopping and imagined taking armfuls of clothes into the changing room to try on. The sad reality was very far from this, the Inspire section is probably the smallest part of the whole two storey store but hey was still optimistic at this point there had to be something!! I found a two decent dresses, a top and some harem pants and eagerly tried them on but no either odd fits too long or armholes that showed well all of my bra!!

Well it got worse as I then had another look round, tried to ignore the many butterfly prints whilst searching for some jeans. I was confronted with some hideous coloured jeggings (I like jeggings but these were awful) and the bootcut jeans- nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! There were no skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans nope nada not gonna happen! I gave up there was nothing so instead I bought some sandals and trainers.

By this point I still had some money left so wandered down to the straight size section to look at the jeans in the vain hope that something might fit. I was greeted with a whole section dedicated to jeans, and barely a bootcut to be seen!! I grabbed in a fenzy some acid wash supersoft skinnies in a size 18 and headed off to the changing room in fear and trepidation! To my amazement they fit (they are super stretchy and soft) so after all the upset from earlier they had to be mine! Now I admit I am lucky that I can get the odd thing in the straight size section due to stretch in some items but alot of the non-stretch jeans wouldn't have gone near me! So where were any of these jeans in size fat, why do retailers assume that because I am fat I want to wear bootcut jeans in dark blue? I don't, like many others I want jeans in a variety of fits, washes etc!!

So what is the point of all this, well the point is that whilst I can shop up a storm online my actual high street shopping experience is still painful and frustrating. Please bear in mind that I live in Birmingham the UK's second city, home to the Bullring but not home to much in the way of Fatshion! I still want to enjoy a mooch round the shops and to be able to try something on before I buy it and not have to faff with sending it back.  When Forever 21 opened they used to stock the plus size range but no that has now gone! H&M have two stores but again no plus size range in either of them.I long for the days when Simply Be or Yours open a store in Brum or that New Look gets its bum in gear and makes a proper go at a plus size section in store. Yes we have an Evans but if you don't know Brum very well then good luck finding it as it is in the arse of nowhere!

So retailers of Birmingham help a fat girl out!!


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