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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Flash the Flesh

Just about a year ago a group of us embarked on a blogging challenge called Flash the Flesh where we show a little more skin (nothing vulgar) and we all had great fun doing it. So when the lovely Becky from Does My Blog Make Me Look Fat asked if anyone wanted to do it again I decided to join in again!  So we are back with more Flesh Flashing for 2014!

As I did last time I have decided to start with my legs, I don't mind my legs mainly from the knee down but I very rarely wear anything above the knee with bare legs. So today I put together an outfit after having a couple of glasses of wine and here is the result!!!

So there you are those are my legs!!! Goodness knows what my neighbours thought but who cares!!

Outfit details
T-shirt Primark £2 in the sale
Skirt New Look Inspire via Ebay
Shoes Peacocks

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Friday, 30 May 2014

A Weighty Issue

I have debated as to whether to write this post or not but I think I need to for myself.

*Weight loss talk if this is triggering then please don't read on

I did something this morning that I haven't done for quite some time and that was to stand on a set of scales in my bathroom. For years I let myself be defined by those little red numbers that stared back at me as I religiously stood on the scales every Friday morning. My mood and general outlook for the rest of the day would depend on what I saw happiness if I had lost weight and anger if I had gained or stayed the same. I was trapped in a never ending cycle of yo-yo dieting and telling myself that if only I could lose another stone I would finally be happy and my life could start.

Once I discovered the world of plus size blogging, fat acceptance and body positivity the scales were put away to gather dust and I freed myself from that life and just enjoyed being me and blogging my journey along the way, and found a new happiness and sense of peace, but somewhere in the last month or so something has changed.

It can be hard as a plus size blogger as we are champions of body positivity but what happens when you no longer feel so positive about your own body? Do you just carry on and hope you will feel better after all we all have good and bad days? When the bad days became more frequent I found myself looking back through my photos and noticing the gradual weight gain which in turn then led to the scales being dusted off this morning.

I am going through a difficult time in my private life at the moment (you may have seen me mentioning things on Twitter) and this is leading me to have to think about all areas of my life including my weight and general health and for me personally I have hit the limit the full sign is coming up and I have to decide what do I want to do?

What I want to do is start exercising again nothing major I am not going to turn into a gym bunny overnight, just simple things like walking which I used to do all the time and I may even attempt yet again the couch to 5k programme just to see if I can do it, after all who says a fat girl can't run?!

I am not joining any organised weight loss programmes as for one reason I don't like them and for another with the financial pressure of what is happening in my personal life I can't afford them. I just want to change how I eat and what I eat as I realise my body is beginning to shout at me and I am not getting any younger!

I do feel the need to point out that this is just how I feel about me I will always be plus size even if I lose some weight and I never want to leave the PS community as I have met so many awesome people who inspire me every day. This is just something I need to do as my diet has left me with constant heartburn, I feel sluggish and my skin is suffering as well as my mental health and to deal with the coming months I need to be at my best.

I really hope I haven't upset anyone with this post and believe me I will not be spouting all over social media and harping on as no-one wants to hear that not even me!!! No I just want to quietly make some changes to my lifestyle that are for my own benefit but I will still be me but I needed to do this post as sometimes you just need to let it all out.

If you have made it this far then thank you for reading!


Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Aldi Plus size Leggings

Whenever there is another retailer dipping their toe into the world of plus size fashion the blogging world is always full of chatter and excitement. So when Aldi announced they were doing a range of what I would call Plus Size basics as one of their special buys it was the leggings that caught my eye.
I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of leggings and so far I have tried Primark, ASDA, Sainsburys and Ebay and none have been quite right so for £4.99 I had to try!
I am lucky enough to live near an Aldi and it is where we do most of our food shopping so whilst we were there a pair of leggings just had to jump into my trolley! I originally bought a size 20 but found they came up really big and were too loose round my tummy and too baggy on the ankle. So the other night I popped in and managed to find the last pair in a size 18 and they are amazing I am just gutted that they were the last pair they had!!

So here they are....

My usual lounging around the house attire!

Tight ankles!!

The other thing I should mention about these leggings is they are quite long they come up almost to my bra so give me full secure coverage over my tummy and they are quite thick and not see through hurrah!!

So well done Aldi as I know from reading reviews of some of the other pieces in the collection that they missed the mark a bit but for me these leggings are spot on.


Monday, 26 May 2014

Yours Clothing Oversized Top OOTD

Hello and happy Bank Holiday Monday! I thought I would share you with an outfit that I have been wearing a lot recently. I make no secret of the fact that I am quite the fan of oversized tops as there are days when I just want to wear something more slouchy over my skinny jeans. Finding good proper oversized tops in plus sizes has in the past been something of a challenge so when I spotted one on Yours Clothing website I had to make it mine!

Here it is...

I believe I can fly!!!

A little gif for your entertainment!

I bought my usual size 20 and it is oversized I could have sized down but I wanted the full on oversized look! The material is a stretchy jersey and it is nice and lightweight but without being transparent so I don't need a vest underneath. The sleeves are more fitted which for me is great as I don't get bulkiness if I throw a cardigan on over the top. It is quite a boxy shape but gives full coverage whereas I find the high low tops are often too short at the front and leave my tummy hanging out! Lengthwise on me at 5'4" it is perfect and I can see me wearing it over a pencil skirt as well as skinny jeans.

Outfit details
Top Yours Clothing
Jeans Primark
Cardigan Primark
Trainers Primark
Scarf Primark

Do you like the oversized trend?


Thursday, 22 May 2014

Fashion World Throwback Swimwear Competition

If you are a regular reader of my blog you may have seen my recent Throwback Thursday posts and with that in mind I am pleased to announce that Fashion World are running a fantastic competition in conjunction with Best Daily Magazine to win up to £150 of swimwear and fashion to get you all set for the holiday season.

#FWThrowback Competition

It's really easy to enter just follow these steps:

1. Find an old holiday photo of yourself and re-create it
2. Make sure you are following Fashion World on Twitter or Instagram
3. Upload both photos together to either Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #FWThrowback

Here is me aged 13 and now 38 to give you some idea of what they are looking for!

For all the information and some inspiration for how to re-create your photo please check out the Competition Page where you may just spot a familiar face!! 

Finally it just leaves me to wish you all the best of luck and I can't wait to see how you all re-create your old photos!!! 


An oldie but a goodie OOTD

Hello and happy Thursday its nearly the weekend and a bank holiday one at that!!

I thought I would share with you an outfit that I wore for work yesterday, which consists of an old Primark dress from last year but with the addition of my new H&M top.

The reason I did this is because as much as I love this dress unless I am feeling super body confident I can feel uncomfortable as it is quite bodycon, but I don't want it to hang in my wardrobe unloved so this is another way for me to wear it.

I spent the whole day in this outfit yesterday and felt super comfortable which makes me happy that I can get some more wear out of a £10 dress! I should also take a moment to mention my shoes I have so much love for these wedges which I picked up in Peacocks last year for £12, they are really comfortable to the point where I can wear them to work and manage a whole day in them!

Outfit Details
Top H&M Conscious Collection
Dress Primark last year
Wedges Peacocks last year
Necklace Peacocks last year


Wednesday, 21 May 2014

OMCZ #32

Hello and welcome to the latest OMCZ post and this time the theme was chosen by the lovely Debz and she went with..

We all have places we would love to shop but can't afford to. I would love to see your wishlist of clothes you would buy if money were no object! 

Now I love the idea of this post as it gives me a chance to dream of all the pretty things I would buy if I won the lottery!!

Melissa Masse Floral Print Silk Dress

So I am starting off with this gorgeous silk dress which you can find over at Slink Boutique priced at £319. 

MAT Knit and Silk Jacket
Again this is another pick from Slink Boutique and is priced at £85.00 but how gorgeous would this look over some skinny jeans and a vest? 

Igigi Rainforest Paradise Maxi Dress
How beautiful is this dress from Igigi and this can be yours for $185- yes please!!

Fendi 2Jours Large Leather Shopper
The list wouldn't be complete without a bag and I have always wanted to own something from Fendi but at the very costly sum of £1820 I think I will certainly need a lottery win to own this one!!

Christian Louboutin Glitter finish canvas brogues
Ok so I had to include these because well just look at them they are a thing of beauty but at £545 I would be scared to go out in them for fear of wrecking them!!! I would love to one day own just one Pair of Louboutin shoes!

Don't forget to check out the other fabulous ladies to see what they would buy!

Becky Brown



Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Shop Your Stash #2

Hello and welcome to this months Shop Your Stash post and the theme for this time is Summer.

If you aren't familiar with this challenge then the idea behind it is to shop our stash of things we already have.

As the weather has been a lot warmer over the last few days I have been digging into the back of my wardrobe and pulling out dresses from last year so here is what I chose.

This is a dress I picked up in Primark last year for about £10 and it became a staple of my wardrobe throughout last summer and here it is again! Sadly I think this is the last summer it will do as it is starting to get a bit bobbly and well worn!

Outfit details
Dress Primark
Cardigan Primark
Necklace Primark
Shoes Ebay

Don't forget to check out the other fabulous ladies also taking part.


Sunday, 18 May 2014

M&Co Blogger Challenge Capsule Holiday Wardrobe

The lovely people at M&Co contacted me and asked if you would like to take part in a blogger challenge to create a capsule wardrobe for under £100 from their new holiday collection so here are my choices.

I love a good maxi dress so chose the Feather Print Maxi Dress as it could easily be worn for both day and night and I find they keep me cool in the warmer weather.
My second choice was the Essential Cami as this is great for layering and can easily be teamed with the Linen Trousers and the Embroidered-Kimono again I felt this was an outfit that could take you from day to night just add some statement jewellery and you are all set.
First and foremost my main concern when looking at holiday clothing is comfort and keeping cool so floaty and loose fitting items are usually on my wishlists and these all tick those boxes.

Overall my wardrobe comes in at £95.00.

If you fancy having a go and creating your own capsule wardrobe then head over to the M&Co Style Blog where you can find all the details.


Saturday, 17 May 2014

Totally Tropical OOTD

Another quick OOTD from me today but featuring trousers for a change!! I decided I wanted some comfortable jersey trousers for the summer and by chance found some in Primark for £8.00! When I first got them home and tried them on I was unsure but they are really growing on me I was just worried I might look like I had pyjama bottoms on!

I like the fact that they are quite slim in the leg so I can wear a looser top with them to keep me cool, which brings me on to the top which is from H&M Conscious Collection. I do mooch around in there occasionally as they often sell oversized tops such as this one (which I also have a in a fab animal print) and they are generous in size and a steal at £7.99.

Outfit details
Top H&M
Trousers Primark
Necklace Peacocks last year
Sandals Primark last year

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