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Monday, 31 March 2014

30 Days 30 Dresses Day 30

So this is it the final day of 30 Days 30 Dresses if you have stuck with me over the last 30 days then thank you as it has been quite the slog but also huge fun!

The final dress is....

This one has been on the blog before and was my valentines day present from my husband, it's from Red Herring and was a bargain £9 in the sale at Debenhams!

So there you have it all 30 dresses but I have to confess there are more that didn't get shown for various reasons, and I now realise that I have far more dresses than I thought!!

I hope you have enjoyed the tour through my wardrobe!!


Sunday, 30 March 2014

30 Days 30 Dresses Day 29

Hello and welcome to the penultimate dress of 30 Days 30 Dresses only one more left after this one!!

As it is mothers day today I thought I would do a little tribute to both my mum and my nanny and there was only one dress that could ever fit the bill!

When I originally reviewed this dress from Fashion World* I mentioned that it reminded me of an old picture of my mum and my nanny taken in the 1950's but I didn't have the photo to hand at the time. Since then I have managed to get a copy of some old photos and here they are.

L-R My Mum, my Uncle, My Aunty and my Nanny

I love these old photos as I love the outfits that they all wore and when I put this dress on for the first time it instantly reminded me of these photos.

I am very lucky to still have my mum around and to also be a mum myself so if you celebrate it then Happy Mothers Day.


Saturday, 29 March 2014

30 Days 30 Dresses Day 28

Hello and welcome to Day 28 of 30 Days 30 Dresses and today is an old faithful skater dress from Primark.

I bought this dress sometime last year I think and have had loads of wear out of it, it is a good stretchy material so again another comfortable dress to wear. I decided to change things up and stick a headband in my hair but I think I look like I have a propeller on my head!!!

Outfit details
Dress Primark last year
Cardigan H&M Old
Shoes New Look old
Headband Peacocks last year


Friday, 28 March 2014

30 Days 30 Dresses Day 27

Hello and welcome to Day 27 of 30 Days 30 Dresses and the dress I have today is one that has been on the blog before as it is one of my favourites.

This is the lace swing dress from ASOS Curve which I bought last year to wear to Plus North in the evening. Since then it has been worn to my works Christmas do and my friends 30th Birthday party
Outfit details
Dress ASOS Curve last year
Shoes Topshop
Necklace Black Heart Creatives


Thursday, 27 March 2014

30 Days 30 Dresses Day 26

Hello and welcome to Day 26 of 30 Days 30 Dresses and today is another Ebay find!

I found this G21 dress on Ebay as you know me I can't resist a good swing dress! As it is just a plain back dress I decided to make it more colourful by adding my Claire Richards Cardigan* as when the skies are a bit dull you need some colour in your outfit!

Outfit Details
Dress G21 from Asda via Ebay
Cardigan Claire Richards for Fashion World*
Shoes New Look


Wednesday, 26 March 2014

30 Days 30 Dresses Day 25

Hello and welcome to Day 25 of 30 Days 30 Dresses and the end is almost in sight!!

Due to a long and knackering day at work I have just had to take a quick photo so please excuse me not looking my best!!!

Today's dress is from Just for Five Pounds and I love it apart from when I bent over to look at something in the office today and nearly flashed everyone- just as well I had thick tights and big knickers on!!

Outfit details
Dress Just for £5 Pounds
Cardigan Primark- old
Boots Ebay.

Sorry that I keep wearing the same necklace in most of these posts but I am obsessed with this one at the moment and it goes with nearly all my dresses!!


OMCZ #29

Hello and welcome to OMCZ 29 and the theme this time has been chosen by the lovely Hollie, and she decided to go with...

Pastels are here for Spring & Summer but I'd love some inspiration from you lovely ladies. I want to see you florish in fondant colours. Pinks, Mints, Sky Blues... the list goes on. I don't want to hide away this Summer so this will be good practice!

So here is my take on the theme..

The top is one that I bought in New Look last year and my favourite skinny jeans from Dorothy Perkins, and to finish it off my Cake Queen Necklace from Black Heart Creatives.

Outfit details
Top New Look
Jeans Dorothy Perkins
Necklace Black Heart Creatives
Shoes George at Asda.

Don't forget to check out the other fabulous ladies also taking part.

Becky Brown
Hollie Http://



Tuesday, 25 March 2014

30 Days 30 Dresses day 24

Hello and welcome to Day 24 of 30 Days 30 Dresses, today's dress is another sale bargain from Dorothy Perkins.

I picked this jersey skater dress up in the January Sale for about £9.00 from Dorothy Perkins.

Outfit details
Dress Dorothy Perkins
Shoes New Look


Live Fast Die Yum Necklace Review*

I'm sure that most of you are already familiar with the fantastic jewellery made by the very talented Charlotte from Black Heart Creatives so when she announced the release of a brand new collection I jumped at the chance to review a piece.

The new collection is called Live Fast Die Yum and consists of pieces based on food- well what is not to like!!

I chose to review one of the Glazed and Confused necklaces and here it is!

Donut and My Little Pony for the win!

If it was real I would eat it!

So I decided to best show off the necklace I would team it with the most awesome My Little Pony sweatshirt from Primark!

I already own some necklaces from Black Heart Creatives so I know that they are always brilliant quality and this one does not disappoint. The resin is nice and chunky and the colours are really vibrant and as always it has the BHC heart by the clasp, you can also get this one with pink icing!

If you fancy trying something from the new range then head over to Black Heart Creatives  and you can even use a special discount code as a reader of my blog to bag yourself 25% off an order until 1st April just make sure you use the code NATTY25 at the checkout, so get shopping!

*This item was gifted to me for review but all opinions are my own.


Monday, 24 March 2014

30 Days 30 Dresses Day 23

Hello and welcome to Day 23 of 30 Days 30 Dresses, as it's Monday I decided to be cheery and floral in my Primark swing dress.

This is only the second time I have worn this dress as I managed to forget about it- whoops! As I mentioned when I blogged about it the first time it is rather see through so I wear a slip underneath. Since I bought this dress they have released a maternity version which I have seen a few people wearing.

Outfit details
Cardigan ASOS Curve Via Ebay
Dress Primark
Shoes New Look


Sunday, 23 March 2014

30 Days 30 Dresses Day 22

Hello and welcome to Day 22 of 30 Days 30 Dresses, today's dress is one I nabbed in the sale from Dorothy Perkins last year.

Having a windswept moment!

Another really comfy dress as it has an elasticated waist and the mesh panels add a bit of interest.

Outfit details
Dress - Dorothy Perkins sale last year
Boots Primark
Necklace - Jewellery wholesaler


Silent Sunday


Saturday, 22 March 2014

30 Days 30 Dresses Day 21

Hello and welcome to Day 21 of 30 Days 30 Dresses and well you know the score by now here is the dress for today!

Another cheeky ASOS Curve sale purchase I think I managed to snap this dress up for about £12.00 in the sale. I haven't worn it very much as I was unsure about the wonky pattern but my husband didn't even notice until I pointed it out!

Outfit details
Dress ASOS Curve
Boots Primark

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