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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Spending Ban

Well we have made it through January and we are now almost about to say goodbye to February and so far this year my finances have been less than rosy!! The time has come to impose a spending ban and a chance for me to really get to grips with just where my money goes!

Like many other people I am still recovering from Christmas and then having to struggle through January so I need to save money and focus on only buying the absolute essentials. I currently have subscriptions to Graze and You Beauty boxes and I think sadly I have to say goodbye to both of these for the time being (both are fab services) and anything else that is not essential.

The problem of being a fashion blogger is finding new clothes to blog about and constantly feeling the pressure to be wearing the latest trend or must have piece. Everyday I am bombarded with emails offering discounts, free delivery deals and I am trying to get into the mindset of not reading these messages and therefore not allowing myself to get sucked into spending!

My wardrobe is bulging I don't need any new clothes it is just me satisfying my compulsion to want to spend because I feel fed up, and the reason I am fed up is because I have no money- vicious circle here I come!!

So my intention now is to 'shop' my wardrobe to dig into the depths and find those long forgotten outfits and give them an airing and hopefully find some pieces that haven't been on the blog before or if they have style them up differently. I will admit there a few pieces that have been purchased prior to this ban being implemented which haven't made the blog yet including my 99p dress which will be on the blog next week, but once these have been featured that has to be it!!

I'm hoping that by blogging about this it will encourage me to stick to it and that hopefully over the coming months I get used to a more frugal lifestyle.

Now readers this is where you come in- if anyone has any suggestions for other things I can blog about to mix things up a bit then please feel free to leave me some ideas as at the moment most of my blog posts are focused on fashion.

Has anyone else decided to impose a spending or have you done one in the past? If so how did you get on?

Wish me luck!!!


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