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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 13

Hello and welcome to day 13 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge and today I have to issue a public apology.

Now this may sound strange but the person I want to apologise to is me! Ever since I knew this post was to be written I thought this would be a good chance to come to terms with who I am.

For years I have beaten myself up for not being thin enough, pretty enough, clever enough honestly the list could go on! Growing up I was the tomboy who boys were friends with but didn't fancy and I was socially awkward for alot of my teens and spent most of my time hidden away in my bedroom studying as I was desperate to get good enough grades to go to university. Fast forward to my 20's and whilst I had a good job and life the yo-yo dieting started and for years a total love/hate relationship with my body and myself in general followed.

Looking back I realise now I wasted so much of my life worrying about the small stuff rather than just living my life, and I am pleased to say that with the help of my lovely husband, the plus size blogging community and this blog itself I finally accept myself for who I am and that there is no need for me to be so hard on myself anymore. So  apologize to myself for years of yo-yo dieting, wishing my boobs were smaller and less saggy not wearing good fitting clothes and underwear and not appreciating the figure I have been blessed with.
 I should also apologize to my husband who has been nothing but supportive over the last 11 years and has had to put up with me and my madness over my weight and constant weighing of myself (which I am pleased to say I no longer do!) and loves me for who I am and is also very supportive of my blogging and even comes up with outfit ideas!

So there you have it and to show how much happier I am here is a quick photo from the last flash the flesh where I shared a photo of me in a bikini with the whole world!!

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