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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

10 Day You Challenge Day One

I have seen quite a few other bloggers doing this 10 Day Challenge so I thought I would have a go, unfortunately I don't know who started this off but I'm sure someone out there knows!!

Day one is 10 Secrets

  1. I have a irrational fear of leeches, which is mad as I don't live in a country where you really find leeches!
  2. I suffer really badly from night terrors and often wake up convinced that someone is in my room or see things that aren't there!
  3. I used to be terrified of driving to the point where I didn't drive for many years and even now I avoid motorway driving if I can!
  4. I am a total gamer! I love Forza, Fable, all the Lego games and cried at the ending of Final Fantasy X! I even have Wheatley from Portal 2 as my ringtone on my mobile phone!
  5. I adore movie music and will happily drive around listening to movie soundtracks and have even been to several concerts to listen to it being played live by an orchestra
  6. I have freakishly small fingernails and toenails, in fact the nails on my two little toes are so small I cant even paint them with nail varnish!!
  7. I have a tattoo on my lower back of a tribal sun which I had done in Great Yarmouth many years ago as a complete spur of the moment thing, but it hurt so much I have never had the courage to get another one!!!
  8. I suffer with bouts of depression and I am currently taking anti-depressants and I am about to under go counselling to help me.
  9. Growing up I was a total tomboy and hated dresses and skirts and much preferred to do stunts on my Raleigh Tomahawk which was the smaller version of the Chopper!
  10. I love Kareoke even though I can't sing very well and whenever I get the chance I play Singstar Abba on my PS3!!
So there you have it!


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