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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

10 Day You Challenge Day 8

Welcome to day 8 of the 10 Day you Challenge which today is three films.

Now narrowing this down to just three has been really hard but here are my final choices

1. The Breakfast Club
 This was the first John Hughes film I ever saw and due to my age at the time (I think I was about 16/17) it really struck a chord with me and I loved it. I still love this film now and I just wish that they still made teenage films like this or is that just me being nostalgic!!

2. Some Kind of Wonderful
Again another John Hughes film and I loved this one as the main female lead was a tomboy character with short hair. For most of my childhood and even into my teenage years I was always a tomboy so to have a film where the tomboy girl gets the boy was a revelation to me. I still watch this film now and I still love it.

3. Ghostbusters
I loved this film and nearly drove my mum mad watching it over and over, it really captured my imagination as I was about 10 when this came out and it is a film that you can watch now and it is still great and my six year old son now loves it!.

If I could I would have also included such classics as Star Wars, Tron, Indiana Jones and of course The Goonies as these were the films that I grew up with!

What films do you love and can watch time and time again?


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