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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

10 Day Challenge Day 4

Hello and welcome to day 4 of the 10 day you challenge and today is 7 wants.

  1. I hope someday that we will have enough money to move house so that we can have a bit more space and a better garden for my son to play in.
  2. For my son to have the kind of happy carefree childhood that I enjoyed so that when he is older he looks back fondly on his younger years.
  3. I always think it would be lovely if my blog could eventually become my full time job but at the moment it is a very enjoyable adventure and one which I hope continues.
  4. To live a long and healthy life so that I can watch my son grow up and be there for him.
  5. I hope that both hubby and I have long lives together and get the chance to grow old together.
  6. To see more of the world I would love the chance to travel more.
  7. Finally I always hoped to have more children but sadly this want is unlikely to ever be fulfilled and I know I am blessed to even have one child but still it would have been nice to have one more. 


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