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Monday, 20 May 2013

My Bucket List

Slight change of plan today as the ASOS dress I had ordered and hoped to do an outfit post on is sadly too big and being returned ASOS Floral T-shirt dress I am gutted as it looked lovely on the website and had been reduced but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be!!

So instead I have been thinking recently about all the things I would still love to do at some point during my life (especially with the big 40 being only two years away- yes hard to believe I don't look a day over 21 I hear you all say!!!!) so I thought I would compile my own bucket list.

  1. Go to New York- From a quite a young age I have always been fascinated with America and so far have only managed a trip to Florida with my parents when I was 17 and have yearned to go back ever since and see more of the country but in particular New York.
  2. Go to Las Vegas- see there is a theme developing here!! Before I got married last year I kept threatning that hubby and me were going to go to Las Vegas and get married by Elvis!! 
  3. Drive a supercar- I may love clothes and fashion but I also love cars, nothing would make me happier than the chance to drive a Ferrari or an Aston Martin but the ultimate for me would have to be the Bugatti Veyron now there is a car!
  4. Wear a bikini! I haven't worn a bikini since the age of about 13 and I keep hoping that one day I will finally summon the courage to wear one once again!
  5. Have a proper Balti as although I live in Birmingham I have never been to a proper Balti house!
  6. Run my own business- I have always liked the idea of running a shop although I have no idea what I would sell!
  7. Be the Doctors companion in the Tardis and travel through time!!! (OK I know that one can't really happen but I can dream!!)
  8. Write a book
  9. I would love to go to Venice and meet Francesco Da Mosto!!
  10. Go for a meal with Adam Richman as he knows the best places to eat and well do I need to say anymore!

 So there you have it probably not the most interesting list in the world but it has made me smile while writing it. Right off to find some old episodes of Man V Food to watch and drool over the food and Adam!!



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