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Friday, 31 May 2013

31 Days of May

Ok so that's it folks this is the last day of May and the last day of our 31 Days of May Challenge!

I just wanted to take the chance to say thank you for all the comments and page views over the last month as it has made blogging every day that little bit easier!! This has been a much harder challenge than I thought it would be I got off to a flying start at the beginning of the month and it was made easier as there were a couple of blogger challenges along the way- who can forget Flash the Flesh, but as the month has worn on I have found it harder to keep going and this hasn't been helped by my being poorly this week, but I am pleased to say that this post today is actually my 50th post!!!

I also want to say well done to the other ladies who also took part in the challenge and also thank you for letting me join in and take part in the challenge.

Becca @ Bekas Stuffy Stuff
Kaye @ Polished Curves
Toni @ The Only Way is Toni

I'm going to taking a mini break from the blog but I will be back soon.
See you soon


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