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Friday, 19 April 2013


Anyone who knows me will tell you, that me and exercise don't always go together that well as I am inherently lazy and quite frankly have never been a huge fan of exercise the sofa is far more appealing!
I decided to try and change this back in 2011 when husband to be and I finally made a date for our wedding which was September of last year so I had a year to lose some weight. I started off with power walking with hand weights which often resulted in me getting some funny looks from the local chavs but the weight did start to shift although I then started to get bored!

My two very good friends Georgia and Donna then mentioned a local Zumba class that they had started to attend and would I like to go with them, so I decided I had nothing to lose (well quite a bit of weight) so why not. I was hooked from the first class the music was great a mix of dance, latin, salsa and everything in between. At first I felt like I had two left feet and would skulk at the back but as time went on I got to know the routines and felt much more confident and gradually moved to the front.

There are a lot of zumba classes out there and the instructors and the routines do vary and it is all about finding the class that suits you, my instructor Tracy is brilliant she quickly explains the routines for any newbies and encourages us to work at our own pace so we don't injure ourselves and she even takes requests if we have favourite routines!!

If you have never done Zumba before then give it a go it is more like dancing than exercise but boy do you sweat and I usually ache the next day!! If like me you are on the busty side then a sports bra is essential to keep everything from bouncing- I prefer the Shock Absorber.

If you live in the Northfield, Harborne, or Rubery areas of Birmingham and you want to try zumba or if you are looking for a change of class then contact Tracy and she will give you times and locations for the classes she runs.

Happy Zumbaring!!

Nikki xx

Tracy and a very sweaty me after an hour of Zumba 


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