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Saturday, 6 April 2013

New Phone!!

Now normally I witter on about fashion but today I am having a geeky day and the subject is my new phone!

Well the day has finally come I am now eligible to upgrade my phone after two years of somewhat faithful service from my Blackberry Bold I am ready for something shiny and new. Now I felt the same way when I first got my Blackberry it was love at first sight as this was to be my very first smartphone, my previous LG phone having done 4 years but technology and me had moved on!
At first I marveled at how I could see my emails on my phone, use Facebook and Twitter and looked through the app store to see what else I could use and downloaded what I now know to be useless apps and silly themes, but at the time I was like a child in a sweet shop.
Fast forward two years and I have been counting down the days to changing my phone, my poor Blackberry would just randomly switch itself off, especially when I wanted to take a photo and cause me to tear my hair out. Whilst the camera was good I couldn't use Instagram as Blackberry's operating system didn't support it and I had to make do and using Twitter was almost painful!

So this morning I rushed off all excited as if it was Christmas day to get my new phone and the first shop I went into went through the upgrade process only to discover they didn't have the phone in stock- noooo I thought I can't go home without it!! Then like a woman possessed I sprinted through Birmingham (in my disco leggings and converse- must have looked a right sight!) to another shop and my first question was do you have the phone in stock? Yes they answered and I could have hugged the store assistant but thought they might think I was a complete loon!! After what seemed an eternity I got my hands on my new phone.... Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and it was worth the wait I am already in love with it! The first thing I did was download Instagram and started snapping pictures, yes I'm finally a part of the Instagram gang!!!

So there you have it, most likely it will take me the best part of the next two years to figure out all the settings and widgets and apps but I'll get there!!!

Look out for me on Instagram!!!


My new phone!


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