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Friday, 26 April 2013

Loving the Shrug!

I have always been a fan of cardigans in fact as i was getting ready to start this post I sat down and made a list of the cardigans I have and the total was 16!!! I cannot believe that I actually own 16 cardigans and what is probably worse I don't actively wear that many of them.

Now despite owning so many cardigans the one thing I didn't have was a shrug, that was until the lovely Kathryn over at MissKathryn's MissTakes pointed me in the direction of Excite Clothing after I had admired the ones she had been wearing on her blog posts.

As I have previously mentioned due to the size of my bust sleeveless dresses nearly always end up with my bra escaping on each side so a shrug is the answer to my prayers!

About a month ago hubby treated me to a lovely polka dot dress from Primark and the shrug goes perfectly with it and hides my bra at the sides making me one happy girl!

So if you haven't yet then please consider giving a shrug a home! 

Also please go and take a peek at MissKathryn's MissTakes blog for some fabulous fashion.


Wedges from New Look (last year)



  1. Thank you I am really pleased with the shrug glad I finally got one x

  2. Lovely dress. I'm a cardi person too but I don't have as many as you ;-) xx

    1. Thank you xx Lol yes I think 16 is maybe more than any sane person should really own!!!


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