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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Casual OOTD

Well its Thursday which for me is one of my days off from work so it's casual clothing time!!
My husband is always on at me to wear tighter fitting clothes and I am trying to do this more and more and become more comfortable in my own skin so I have invested in a decent pair of tight fitting skinny jeans from Dorothy Perkins which are the Bailey ultra stretch super skinny jeans. I managed to pick them up whilst a 20% off offer was running so even better value!
I'm sure I am not alone in struggling to get jeans that actually fit properly but these are the best yet, they are very stretchy and have a really good tight fit at the ankle so don't go all odd and wrinkly when wearing ankle boots, and because they are stretchy they don't cut me in half when I sit down!!
My current over favorite wardrobe staple at the moment is my Peacocks hoodie which is actually a mans version but I find the fit better as they tend to be longer in the body finished off with my trusty Primark Owl scarf and Superdry trainers.

Anyway hope you all having a fab Thursday wherever in the world you are xx

my funky Superdry Trainers

Owl scarf from Primark


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  1. Love! Skinny jeans are my favorite & they look really good on you. Great casual combo it all works beautifully <3


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