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Friday, 22 March 2013

Girls Night Out

It may be cold and snowy today but I have decided to cheer myself up with a bit of outfit planning for my forthcoming night out with the girls. I don't go out very often so when I do its usually a mad panic of ransacking my wardrobe deciding I don't like anything and then scouring Ebay for something to wear!
This time I came up trumps when I found a fantastic Praslin skater style dress which was just begging me to buy it, so I did!

 I love the embellishment around the neckline and as a busty lady I normally stay away from higher necklines but this time I think it works.
The belt is from Primark and it has a very cute heart and key which hang down to give it bit more interest, I don't always like to wear belts as I am naturally quite high waisted and they always end up right underneath my boobs but I decided to try it for a change.
Anyone who knows me also knows that I am completely useless in high heels and even on a night out clubbing I very rarely wear them hence my wearing flats, which are from Peacocks.
My one and only criticism of this dress is that under my arms you can just see the side of my bra which is a common problem for me with sleeveless or short sleeved tops and dresses due to the fit of my bras but its a small thing and once I have a dark bra on I wont notice it so much.

If you want to shop the post here are the links:

Amazon  for the dress

Peacocks for the shoes.

Anyway will let you all know how the night out goes and what reactions I get to my new dress.



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