Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Unleash the Geek

I think by now you all know I have a great love of all things geeky, so I decided to do a YouTube Video showing some of my favourite geeky possessions!

Sit back relax and enjoy!

Friday, 3 July 2015

Whiter Shade of Pale OOTD

Hello I'm back and recovered from my horrible cold so that means outfit time!!

I have been desperate to share this dress with you all since I bought back in January in the New Look Sale but I needed the weather to get warm which it most certainly has!!

Lovedrobe White Summer Dress size 24

I spotted this Lovedrobe dress in the sale just after Christmas reduced from £38 to £12 so snapped it up and popped it away in my wardrobe. Before I could wear it I had to invest in a slip to go underneath as it is unlined and totally see through!!! I'll be honest if I had paid full price I would have been annoyed at the lack of lining. I picked up a cheap slip from Ebay which has done the trick as lets be honest the world doesn't need to see my pants!!

Due to the bright sunlight I have struggled to get the pattern on the neckline to show in the photos but it is really beautiful embroidery. I have loved wearing this dress on the warmer days this week as it is so light and airy so it kept me really cool and comfortable.

As I bought it earlier this year sadly it is no longer online but try Ebay as you never know one may pop up on there!

I hope you have all enjoyed the warmer weather (I was stuck in a boiling hot office with a cold!!) safely!!

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Blog Everyday in June Day 30

Welcome to the final day of Blog Everday in June, sadly I didn't manage to stick to the schedule of blogging everyday but nevermind!!

The theme for today is an Instagram round up of this months pictures so please enjoy!

As I am not feeling very well at the moment- trust me to get a cold just as the heatwave hits I shall be taking a mini break from the blog but I will be back soon with some new outfit posts!