Monday, 21 July 2014

Money saving Monday #3

Hello and welcome to another Money Saving Monday!

At the moment I am trying not to buy anything apart from the essential things that I actually need so I thought I would share with you some of the budget buys I have come across just lately.

DermaV10 Cocoa Body Butter

I mentioned this on a recent YouTube video that I did, but I love it so much that it deserves another mention! I buy this in the pound shop but you can also find it in Home Bargains as well and it is amazing! I have had the Body Shop body butters in the past which are not cheap and I would say that this is just as good. I use it on my feet to help with dry skin, as an aftersun and on my legs after shaving them.

I do most of my food shopping in Aldi and spotted this coconut shampoo and conditioner on my last trip for less than a pound each so decided to try them. I do still keep a purple shampoo to hand but in between washes I use these and I can't fault them. They smell lovely and leave my hair clean and soft.

Another pound shop find, I have a husband who is rather fussy when it comes to shower gel (his favourite being dove) but even he loves this stuff! It smells amazing, lathers really well and leaves my skin soft and doesn't dry it out.

Finally yet another pound shop purchase as I find other high street stores charge ridiculous amounts for cotton wool pads. After buying these I then found a pack of 200 in Aldi for less than a pound so it pays to shop around and not to assume that the pound shop is always the cheapest option!

I love scouring the shelves of the Pound shop and Home Bargains for budget beauty buys and you never know what you might find!! 

If you are looking for alternatives to cotton wool pads the lovely Leah from Just Me Leah recently reviewed some eco cleansing pads click here for a look at them.

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Shop Your Stash #3

Hello and welcome to this months Shop Your Stash Post. I have been feeling the heat over the last few days as I am sure many of you have and at times have almost been reduced to a sweaty puddle! I find dressing for the heat hard sometimes and I have reached a point now where comfort for me is the main thing I consider when finding something to wear.

I had a spuddle through my stuff and here is what I came up with.

With the exception of the denim jacket and I think the necklace, everything else is either from last year or even older than that!!
I picked these trousers up last summer in BHS from their swimwear/beach range and they are fab, a lovely soft jersey and they keep me really cool. I must admit these are my current favourite lounge around the house trousers as well!!!

Outfit Details
Denim Jacket Primark
Vest H&M old
Trousers BHS last year
Sandals Store 21 two years old!
Necklace Sister Vintage

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Silent Sunday

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

OMCZ #36

Hello and welcome to another OMCZ challenge and this time the theme has been chosen by Mookie and she went with.

I decided to go with two different looks. Firstly I want you to show us what you consider is your go to style. The kind of style you know you look good in and that flatters your body. The secondly I want you to go totally out of your comfort zone and choose something you've been dreading or don't really like wearing for some reason. So comfort style and then out of comfort style. 

I must admit my favourite thing to wear through the summer months is maxi dresses, I find them comfortable and have been lucky enough to find some that I feel super comfortable in. 

Now I must admit I have cheated slightly and pulled together some photos from my recent outfit posts of my current favourite dresses.

There is one item of clothing that regardless of my weight has always been an issue and that is shorts!! I don't know why but I struggle with them I don't always find them very comfortable and I have convinced myself over the years that they don't suit me!! When hubby offered to buy me some bits for my birthday I decided to try shorts again to see if I could wear them!!

These shorts were a huge £8 from Asda but I have modified them as they did have turn ups but I found that the seams were rubbing my legs so I unpicked them!!

I like them but I think they need to grow on me and quite honestly it will take a lot to drag me away from my dresses!!

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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

I Feel Good

Hello and welcome to this months I Feel Good post.

I am cheating slightly this month and using an instagram picture from a recent outfit post that I did. Having had some recent body confidence wobbles it has been good to feel happier in the way I look again so here is my photo for this month.

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