Monday, 10 October 2016

Vlogtober Days One to Six

Hello.... I know I'm not blogging at the moment but I am currently having a go at Vlogtober instead.

If you haven't seen any of my offerings yet then please check out Days 1-6 below!!

So I am still around and I hope to be back blogging in the New Year but for the time being I am giving YouTube another go.

See you all soon!

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Do I Stay or Do I Go?

This blog post has been floating about in my head for awhile now and I decided it was time to get it out of my head onto the screen.

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will have noticed a decline in blog posts this year and even Outfit August which I normally love couldn't seem to motivate me to do outfit posts.

Somewhere along the line I seem to have lost my love of blogging and my mojo- well that wandered off awhile ago never to be seen again! When I first started blogging three and a half years ago I was so excited everytime  I blogged a new outfit post and it gave me a much needed confidence boost.

Over time the excitement has died down which is to be expected but it has now come to a point where I think about getting dressed to do an outfit post and then I find an excuse not to do it. I'm too tired, I'm too hot the light isn't good enough etc etc. I think some of this stems from a lack of confidence in myself which has been slowly creeping up on me and chipping away at how I feel when I see the reflection in the mirror. Even the number of selfies I post on Instagram has slowed down (and I love a good selfie!) as I struggle to deal with the inner demons.

Also since going full time at work (I was part time when I started blogging) I don't have as much time to blog and the constant worry of making ends meet every month on one income (hubster is a full time dad to our son and bloody wonderful to boot!) doesn't help and means I don't have loads of spare money to play with!

The world of blogging has changed over the years, there are so many voices vying to be heard and it can feel like you are shouting out into the void at times. People also want instant information and will head to Instagram and Snapchat for outfit posts and details rather than reading blog posts just to find the link they want.

If I am truly honest I think some of this stems from the early miscarriage I suffered back in April of this year (and is the reason I can no longer watch my Pontins vlog as I was pregnant when I was filming). I think I probably haven't fully dealt with it on some deeper level and it has also made me aware of my age and the fact that having another baby is not a viable option for me. In my heart of hearts I knew that having another baby at this stage of my life was going to be tough and with me being the main wage earner a lot of pressure but still the loss hurt just as it had before. It was only recently that I sat down and thought about it and realised that since that time I haven't really been fully present. I flounder about on social media trying to always be positive but in reality hiding away when it all gets too much and losing myself in binge watching Parks and Recreation or playing video games.

I also feel (and I said this to a friend the other day) that in the blogging world I am the girl with the beautiful and popular best friend who everyone loves and I am just tagging along. I am Barb from Stranger Things (if you have Netflix and haven't seen it yet I urge you to watch it!) I even had hair and glasses like her when I was in my teens. They say that comparison is the thief of joy and it is hard to not compare yourself to others and I know that I should blog for me but sometimes it just isn't that easy to shut your brain off from doing that. I know that I need to be the best version of me but right now I don't know who me is as I bumble along.

I think I need to take some time out and maybe get some help as I think my mental health is suffering more than maybe I realised.

So I guess what I am trying to say in a long and rambling manner is do I continue to blog or do I call it a day and just fade away?

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Outfit August Day Nine

Hello and welcome to day nine of Outfit August, today is the last of my sale purchases from Lindy Bop and I have finally gotten around to blogging it!!

This is the Kelly dress from Lindy Bop which I nabbed in the sale for £11!! Of all the dresses I own from Lindy Bop this one has the tightest fit and is probably less generous in size. It is a bit of squeeze over my boobs and makes me feel even more busty than usual!

I love the parrot print as it is so cheerful and the bow is a nice touch! Sadly this dress has since sold out but if you keep an eye on Ebay you may spot one. Do keep in mind that this dress is on the smaller size so you may need to size up.

Outfit Details
Dress Lindybop
Shoes New Look

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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Outfit August Day Six

Today I am back with yet another Lindy Bop dress which I grabbed in the sale- when Lindy Bop reduce stuff they really reduce it!

This is the Bletchley Dress which I liked as it has sleeves and most of the dresses I own are either sleeveless or capped sleeve. This dress will be great for taking me through into the colder weather with tights and a cardigan.
It does come with a matching belt in the same material as the dress but I decided to use an old Yours Clothing belt to make it look a bit different. I am pleased to say that despite the size of my bust the buttons don't gape or pop open.

This dress also has pockets and of course you all know how happy that makes me! The fabric is on the thicker side so the skirt has a good fullness without a petticoat underneath.

I have worn this loads since I bought it and I think it is one of the most comfortable dresses I own.

Sadly it is now sold out on the site but Ebay is always worth a look!

Outfit Details
Dress Lindy Bop
Trainers Simply Be via Blog Sale
Sandals Simply Be

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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Outfit August

I am very pleased to say that I am once again taking part in Outfit August which is now in its third year! It is organised by the lovely Leah from Just Me Leah and it gives me the chance to delve deep in my wardrobe!

I probably won't manage an outfit everyday like I have tried to in the past instead this year I shall post when inspiration strikes!!

To get things started and to make a change from all the dresses you usually see me in my first outfit includes jeans!!

So last month I picked up this lovely swing vest from Yours Clothing as I realised I didn't have many tops to go over my jeans for the summer. There is something really cheerful about the colour and it makes me feel bright and summery whenever I wear it. I love the swing style as it allows me to keep cool.

My jeans are my old faithful Evans Ultra Stretch Skinny Jeans, I dread the day they give up on me as I love them to bits. They keep their shape and don't go baggy on the bum or knees and have proper tight ankles. ( I can't stand flappy leggings and jeans!!). For me these are the holy grail of jeans and I know only own these and a pair from Simply Be so maybe I need another pair in my life!!

My flip flops where a whole 90p from Primark and are great for throwing on to go in the garden!

Outfit Details
Top Yours Clothing
Jeans Evans
Necklace Aspire Style

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